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Flying is my passion - Norway from 3000 feet is amazing!

Since I was a kid I have always dreamt about becoming a pilot. A few years ago I realized my dream by getting the private pilot certificate (PPL), enabling me to fly a variety of single engine aircrafts. As a private pilot, I am free to roam the skies as I wish in my spare time.  Most of the time I fly a fourseater Cessna 172, and a two-seater Aquila A211.

Check out some of my videos and photos, and feel free to contact me if you are interested in flying with me.

I live in Oslo, and I fly most of the time out of Kjeller Airport, which is located just 20 KM north of Oslo. I am also visiting my hometown in the Lofoten Islands quite frequently and take to the skies as much as possible while I am there, operating out of Svolvaer and Leknes airport.

A good pilot is always learning, and this is one of things I love about being a pilot. There's always a lot of new stuff to learn, whether it be about operational practices, aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation, etc. Furthermore, there are new aircrafts to master, and new destinations to conquer!

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Pristine beaches, rugged mountains, deep fjords, epic sunsets - The world of Norway looks nicer from 3000 feet! Check out a few of my photos. More on my Instagram.



I regularly get contacted by people wanting to experience the excitement of a general aviation flight. Flying low with panoramic vistas is a very different experience from your regular passenger jet flight! While I am not licensed to operate commercially, I can bring passengers on a cost sharing basis according to regulations. 


Read about of safety standards on cost sharings flights vs commercial aviation here.


Watch a few Youtube clips from some of my flights. Watch more videos and photos on my Instagram and Youtube site


Magic Flightseeing in the Lofoten Islands

Join me on an amazing flightseeing trip around the Lofoten Islands, visiting places like Reine and Henningsvaer. Captured in March 2019


Sightseeing around Svolvaer airport in Lofoten.


Approaching my home airport, Kjeller, which is just 20 km from Oslo.


Watch this video of some pristine and beautiful beaches on the south west coast of the Lofoten Islands.


A 30 minute flight from Leknes airport takes me to the beautiful islands of Roest.


Watch me approach Svolvaer airport from the north side


Most of my portfolio is found on Airvuz.com

All of my material is licensable and available in 4K quality, and with original extended clips.

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Henningsvaer in Lofoten._._._._._.jpg
I never get tired of photographing this
A few shots from some awesome Lofoten hi
Ramberg football stadium with it's exoti
A footballfield with spectacular surroun
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_Venice of the North___#lofoten #lofoten
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